mitoYDNA processes Y-DNA and Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) data by uploading files (e.g., CSV) and/or allowing for the manual input of this data. mitoYDNA does NOT process or compare autosomal (atDNA) files; if this is your interest, please go to GEDmatch.com.

The Y-DNA files are the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) marker values (alelles) and represent your Haplotype (the set of DNA alelle values; not to be confused with Haplogroup).   mitoYDNA does not (currently) process Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) data!

The chart below shows the current status of data processing capability for each company at mitoYDNA.   Click on the Company name to get instructions on how to get the files you need to upload to mitoYDNA (if currently processed).   Abbreviations:
  • CSV - Comma Separated Values
  • Ch. Ext. - Chrome Extension

Company - Help File mtDNA Y-DNA
 FASTA CSV HVR1/2 CSV Ch.Ext. Manual  CSV  Manual

Start by creating a free account. Click on Register in the top right hand corner of the screen.   For detailed information on Registering, see Help.

If you have an account, click on Login and log onto the site. The menu items Kits and Tools now appear on the top menu after FAQ. Click on Kits and begin uploading your kits.

For most input fields, there is help in the form of "Tool Tips";   when you 'hover' your mouse over the field you will get a pop-up text that explains purpose or the data required for that field.   Below are two examples of Tool Tips for Button and Field:

mtYDNA.org has several tools to help with your research in genetic genealogy:
  • Lookup
    • Y-DNA - Find the Y-DNA information for the Kit # entered
    • mtDNA - Find the mtDNA information for the Kit # entered
  • Compare
    • Y-DNA - Compare up to 24 Y-DNA kits (23 to the 1st kit) for Genetic Distance (G.D.), Haplgroup and marker comparison (with differences highlighted)
    • mtDNA - Compare up to 24 mtDNA kits (23 to the 1st kit) for differences in HVR1 and HVR2
  • Matches
    • Y-DNA - Enter a kit (and match parameters) to find kits that match the one specified up to the differences (G.D.) and number of markers input
    • mtDNA - Enter a kit (and match parameters) to find kits that match the one specified up to the differences and regions

See more information about the mitoYDNA.org data base here.

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