YCompare Help

YCompare displays the kits that match the one specified in either the Compare or Matches tools.   It lists all the Marker allele values and highlights any differences from the 1st (top) kit specified.  


  1. User ID - The Identification number given to the kit when created
  2. EKA Surname - Surname of the Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) on the direct patralineal line (Y-DNA test)
  3. EKA Birthplace - EKA's place of birth
  4. Haplogroup - Haplogroup entered by user
  5. Genetic Distance (4)
  1. Marker Values - Short Tandem Repeat (STR) marker values (alelles) that represent your Haplotype (the set of DNA alelle values; not to be confused with Haplogroup).   The figure above only shows part of the chart; it goes out to 111 markers.   The color codes of the DYS headers reflects the range of markers tested by that kit.  
     Color  Marker Range
      Fast Changing