Manual Entry Help

This page has instructions on how to manually enter your Y-DNA into the mitoYDNA data base from:  

  1. Sorenson
  2. Genebase
  3. Oxford Ancestors
  4. National Geographic GENO 1.0
  5. Other - this may include:
  6. If you enter 'Other' as the Test Company, please add comments in the Testing Company ID -or- Additional Information field of the Kit definition to indicate which Company these results are from.
When creating a kit for manual entry, don't select a file on 'Choose File' and when you click SAVE, you will be taken to the Manual Entry screen to enter each DYS number.


When users don't have a file for upload, this page was designed to allow users to enter their STR alelle values from any of the test companies listed above .   If you only have a 37 markers test, enter ONLY those 37 values and leave the DYS markers that your test didn't include at zero.   Select the value from the pull-down (see screen below) which lists the normal range of numbers for this DYS marker.   For multi-value markers shown in BOLD, enter the first value as the 'a' the second as the 'b' and so on.   Entry fields are in alpha/numeric order (which is NOT true for most Results data).

If you have a rare mutatation that does not fit the range of alelle values for an STR marker, please enter the closest value and contact with your Kit number for support.


DNA test companies have varying standards when they determine STR marker values for certain DYS points on the Y-Chromosome.   The links and chart below define the differences for each company (an 'NT' in a column means this DYS is Not Tested for this company).   These are used by to automatically convert the data you enter (for each company) to the ISOGG/FTDNA standard to faciliatate correct matching across different company's results. To ensure we are comparing "apples-to-apples"!

Marker Ancestry Sorenson Genebase NatGeo Oxford
DYS389i = = = = +3
DYS389ii = = = add DYS389i add DYS389i +3
DYS441 -1 -1 +1 NT NT
DYS442 -5 -5 = NT NT
GATA-A10 -2 -2 -2 NT NT
GATA-H4 -1 -1 -1 NT NT