Search Help

This page has instructions for searching the mitoYDNA data base for:

  1. Type:  - the type of search field to find
    • Name
    • Location
    • Haplogroup
  2. Query:  - Query option
    • Equals - exact match to text entered
    • Starts with - match the characters entered to the start of the field(s)
    • Contains - finds the text somewhere in the field(s)
  3. Search:  - the text for which you wish to search
  4. Options:  - Limit search to Y, mtDNA or Both (default) kits

NOTE:   Only the first 200 search matches will be returned in the results (to minimize server load).
The number of kits that match your search criteria is listed at the bottom of the page.
Wildcards are NOT accepted.
The search is case insensitive ('York' or 'york' will be returned).