YSTR+ Help

This page will explain the various functions of the YSTR+ tool.  
Details on how to access the YSTR+ tool as well as the differences between this tool and the Y Compare page are given below.
There are three main areas in the tool: the Options area up top, the YDNA Kits table, and the Markers columns below.

If you have any questions on terminology, please check out our resource page with links to DNA help pages, instructions and bloggers.

Accessing the YSTR+ tool

The YSTR+ tool can be accessed in multiple ways. Look for this button:

Differences between the Y Compare page and the YSTR+ tool

Both the Y Compare page and the YSTR+ tool display YDNA data for one or more kits, but the visual display and the functionality of each is different.

Options Area

The top area on the YSTR+ tool contains features that allow the data displayed to be filtered.

NOTE: These two options can be used in tandem to isolate the data to a very specific subset to work with.

YDNA Kits table

Immediately underneath the Options Area is a table displaying all of the YDNA kits that are being studied.

YDNA Markers columns

At the bottom of the YSTR+ tool is the YDNA Markers columns area.
This is where all of the individual markers from each of the Kits selected are displayed.