Press Release, Oct. 1, 2019 goes Live

THURMONT, Maryland, Oct. 1, 2019 -- In 2017 a group of collaborative genealogists got together to create a Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA data site that is crowdsourced, free and accessible. They created a 501(c)3 Non-Profit company, governed by a board, to oversee the design, implementation, and ongoing upgrade and maintenance of the site, This two-year project has come to fruition and they are announcing the full roll out of the site.

When asked why mitoYDNA was started Mags Gaulden, Founding Team Member said, “When I learned the currently available Y and mtDNA databases were to be taken down I reached out to the owners to see if they would consider allowing a non-profit company to take over the databases. The answer was no.

“The next day, I started talking to other genealogists who I knew had the knowledge and expertise to work collaboratively to create a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and ultimately a YDNA and mitochondrial DNA database site.”

To celebrate the site going live, for the month of October, Family History month, they are giving away valuable prizes. Follow their Facebook or Twitter accounts to learn more and to enter the contests.

About is a website for uploading Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA to create a YDNA and mitochondrial DNA database. The site also offers DNA matching, analysis and tools to help our users/volunteers further their genealogical research. mitoYDNA is:, crowdsourced, free and accessible, doing DNA right. What’s in your Database?

Going Live Event Donors

Thank you to the following donors for our prizes for our "Going Live" event.
  • A YSEQ WGS (45Gbases raw data) Autosomal and X
  • A full YSEQ Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta Y=-STR test
  • YSEQ mtComplete mtDNA sequencing test

  • DNAGedcom Gold Subscription

  • Two free regular classes

  • Three 1-hour of genetic genealogy advisement which includes personalized reports for your autosomal DNA, Y-DNA, mtDNA and/or X-DNA results.

  • FTDNA - mtDNA full sequence
  • FTDNA - Y 37
Donated by Kevin Borland
Donated by Lianne Kruger

  • Signed copy of one of his books.

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